Poem I wrote

Here's a poem I had to write for school.  We had to write about one school subject that we don't really like.
In case the image doesn't work, here's what it says:


by Tamara R

Atoms, electrons, neutrons, and protons,
But wait! Do not forget about the quarks!
Making up water, hydrogen, and bronze,
We're made of them, too: no unkind remarks!

Whole-page essays, and research, and reports,
On people, and minerals, and metals,
What causes radiation and makes quartz,
Complicated equations and angles!

Need to look up in the dictionary,
Words like depolarizability,
'Til making my head dizzy and achy,
But what can I do, but to go and see?

But, oh yes, there are times, when it can be
Of great interest to students like me!

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